- Single rib cap design for added strength and bearing support
- Polished and shot peened beams to eliminate stress risers
- Special hollow dowels and huge 7/16” cap screw bolts greatly increase strength and horsepower capabilities
- Available for Chevy, Chrysler

Maxima Racing Oil


- Enables maximum torque and power output
- Advanced anti-wear and extreme pressure additives for flat tappet cams
- Shear stable, regenerative polymers maintain oil viscosity and film thickness
- World-class, proprietary additive system and esters combine to virtually eliminate oxidation and wear
- Surface-active chemistry aggressively attaches to engine surfaces and keeps them clean

Callies Magnum LS-Series Crankshafts


- Additional Post Keyways, Custom Post Drilling
- Custom Flange Bolt & Dowel Drilling
- 2.100, 2.000, 1.888 and 1.825 Rod Journal Diameters
- Extended Length Post for LS7 Type Front Assembly
- Custom Reluctor Hub Machining or Removal
- 24 or 58 Tooth Billet Reluctors Installed

Eagle - Chevy 383


If you are building a Chevy 383 for naturally aspirated, pump-gas use and plan on using a 6.000" connecting rod you can save money on the crankshaft. Eagle is now offering cast crankshafts for 2 piece and 1 piece rear seal Chevy small block, 3.750" stroke, specifically designed for use with 6.000" connecting rods at a much lower cost than the similar crank designed for 5.700" rod.